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When a Designer is looking for a unusual piece that will make a bold statement, they often turn to Donghia. Known for their unique, contemporary approach to decorative fabrics and furniture, Donghia has become a crown jewel of the Interior Design world. Founded by Angelo Donghia in 1968 as "&Vice Versa", the name was changed to Donghia shortly after they began selling furniture in 1978. Although Angelo Donghia did not have a long life, he was able to make quantum leaps in the Interior Design community that raised the bar for all other decorative fabric companies. Much like Robin Roberts of Clarence House, Angelo Donghia decided to enter the home furnishings market because he found a lack of innovative, quality products to use in his interiors.

Donghia's attention to both style and comfort brought many celebrity clients throughout the 70's and 80's, including Liza Minelli, Donald and Ivana Trump, Mary Tyler Moore, Calvin Klein, and Ralph Lauren. Angelo Donghia's own homes in Connecticut, New York, and Key West have been feautured in countless Interior Design magazines and remain timeless to this day. He was a legend in his own time, and his legendary status was forever secured in 1985 when his untimely death shook the design community to it's core. He was inducted to the Interior Design Hall of Fame later that year.

Angelo Donghia may be gone, but his vision carries on today stronger than ever. The Angelo Donghia Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides multiple design scholarships to interior design students around the world every year. The Angelo Donghia foundation has also made several large monetary donations to Interior Design schools including including the founding of the Angelo Donghia Materials Library and Study Center at The Parson's School of Design, in New York City, and the Angelo Donghia Studio for Interior Architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design, in Providence, Rhode Island. The Angelo Donghia Foundation also donates a large sum of money every year to AIDS research.

In 2005 Donghia was sold to the famed Venetian design company Rubelli. Donghia Textiles is now under the design direction of Allison Kettlewell, who's immaculate sense of style ensures that Donghia's world-class decorative fabrics stay cutting-edge. Donghia has now become an exremely versitile line of fabrics, both in terms of style and usage. It almosts seems as if the great Angelo Donghia himself came down from heaven to cast a transformative spell upon these fabrics, allowing them to work magnificently in any interior setting. From formal, traditional interiors to mid-century and modern interiors, these fabrics add exquisite touches to a room without cornering the designer into a particular category of style. They allow whoever uses them to break free from the shackles of design conformity, ignore all preconcieved notions, and let their vision and unique sense of style blossom in the eternal sunshine of a spotless design mind.

Donghia's exclusive designs normally sell exclusively to Interior Designers for hundreds of dollars a yard, but here at Design Diva Fabrics they are available to the public for fractions of what they normally cost. At Design Diva Fabrics we ensure that Angelo Donghia's sublime designer fabrics are available firsthand to the people that cherish them. So go ahead, let the Design Diva help you unleash your inner Donghia Diva.

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